“Thank you, Marcia. You make me feel so brave!”

I’m Marcia Hoeck, and I take the scary out of running a small business, for values-based creative business owners like you — I fill in with the stuff you didn’t learn in school. The quote above is from one of my clients.

From 1984 until 2009, I owned a successful marketing communications firm, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, with branch offices in Detroit and Phoenix. I learned a lot in those 25 years, and I’ll admit that there were many times I just plain didn’t know what I was doing, especially at first. Have you ever felt that way?

Many times, there was nothing I wanted more than to have someone I could ask questions of, someone who’d been through what I was going through, someone to help me feel confident in going out and fighting the dragons every day.

But I couldn’t find anyone — everyone who was doing what I was doing, or knew anything about it, was a competitor, and not likely to let me in on any of their secrets. Besides, I got the feeling that many of them didn’t really know what they were doing, either. (We all lied to each other at networking meetings. I’m sure you run into that, too!)

I felt like a fraud a lot of the time, not really knowing how to run a business, doing it anyway, and being afraid someone would find out. (Like who? The business police? An irrational fear, but one I had, nonetheless.)

I know you are out there, going through what I went though, and you don’t want to learn through the school of hard knocks, like I did. And you don’t want to learn from someone who’s teaching you theory out of a book, either — someone who hasn’t done what you’re doing, or hasn’t done it very long, or hasn’t done it for a long, long, time. You’re looking for what I was looking for — answers. Confidence. An objective third party who knows what you’re going through. Someone who has been in the trenches and has learned the business first-hand.

So I started writing this blog to share what I learned with you. To give you a resource for running your business as well as you know your craft, so it won’t take you as long as it took me to get to that level of business smarts and confidence.

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