• How Time Tracking Can Make You More Profitable

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    If you’re wondering why you’re not making as much money as you’d like, it could be the way you’re tracking your time. Or, like so many creative business owners, it could be that you’re not tracking your time. If I asked you how you spend your work time, could you tell me? Maybe you don’t […] Read More
  • How to Let Go

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    Ahhh . . . letting go. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But, chances are, you can’t do it.When you run a business, your name is on the door. You are responsible. Things have to get done right, and that means you have to do everything—correct? Even if it means staying up all night four nights in […] Read More
  • Why ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Doesn’t Work for Creative Business Owners (and How to Get the Real Confidence You Need So You Don’t Have to Fake It)

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    In my experience, confidence is the most important attribute you can have in business. There is nothing more important than confidence, and I’m sure you have figured this out if you present to clients to win work. Clients watch you very carefully, and they view a lack of confidence as a lack of competence. I’m […] Read More
  • The George Clooney Approach to Success in Business

    This week, while on a coaching call with a client, he asked a question I’ve only been asked a handful of times before. But the answer to his question, I realized later, is the answer to so many questions about business. And relationships. And just life in general. Mark asked me, “What do you think […] Read More
  • Making Business Easy & Less Scary for Creative Entrepreneurs

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    “Thank you, Marcia. You make me feel so brave!” I’m Marcia Hoeck, and I take the scary out of running a small business, for values-based creative business owners like you — I fill in with the stuff you didn’t learn in school. The quote above is from one of my clients. From 1984 until 2009, I […] Read More
  • How to Overcome Sales Reluctance

    Sometimes, as business owners, we feel icky about having to sell. We don’t like the fact that we have to sell or market or talk about what makes what we offer so wonderful. That’s so much like bragging, and didn’t your mother tell you not to brag? We don’t like being sold to and don’t […] Read More