Coaching and Programs for ADHD Business Owners

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But we can still help!

If you are looking for business coaching, you can find Marcia Hoeck at her website for business owners with ADHD.
And if you are looking for ADHD coaching, you can find Jacqueline Sinfield at her Untapped Brilliance website for adults with ADHD.


• time management

• organization

• getting distracted easily

• maintaining focus

• money management

• prioritizing projects

• following through and finishing projects

• the tendency to procrastinate


With coaching, you can:

1) Have a profitable business

2) Do what you are good at

3) Do what you enjoy doing

4) Eliminate stress

5) Manage your time

6) Be productive

7) Feel good at the end of the day

8) Feel accomplished

9) Know what your priorities are for your business

10) Have an enjoyable work/life balance

11) Manage a team (if applicable to your business)

12) Manage your books

13) Feel pride (not embarrassment) when you visit your accountant at the end of the year

14) Reduce your general anxiety

15) Move important projects forward

16) Have clear business goals

17) Improve your self esteem

18) Have confidence you’ll be able to meet deadlines

19) Have a clean and tidy work environment

20) Increase your mental clarity and focus

21) Improve your communication skills

And much, much more!

These women rock!

“Thx @marciahoeck and @JSinfield for great business recommendations. These women rock!”
— @ChronicHesi Jan McClain


I feel very supported in a very smart way

“You don’t waste my time, and I feel very good about both of you. This is great support — I feel very supported in a very smart way. I’ve gone from ‘how am I going to do this?’ to ‘this will all work out.’
–Bernadette Hunter, MS, LPC,

Marcia Hoeck & Jacqueline Sinfield

Marcia Hoeck
For over 25 years, as owner of a leading marketing communications firm in Ohio, Marcia Hoeck lived what she now teaches.

Because of her “quirks” (only recently identified as ADHD), Marcia found the business aspects of her work daunting. Out of necessity and a need for survival, she developed simple methods to take the complexity out of the way her business ran. The results: a terrific team of people who stayed long term, profitable clients who came back year after year, a very manageable lighter-than-average workload, and a business with great flexibility.

After selling the assets of her company, Marcia turned her attention to helping make business easy for others through coaching and consulting. Her strategies work so well for ADHD business owners because she developed them for herself and her own successful business, and tested them over time.

Marcia lives in San Diego, CA, with her two doglets, Amazing Grace, an amazing bichon, and Liesl Diesel Weasel Bezo, a miniature dachshund who needs a long name.

Find out more about Marcia and her work at her website.

Jacqueline Sinfield
As well as being a registered nurse, Jacqueline is a qualified counselor, has a degree in psychology (Hons) from London, England and is a graduate of Coach University. Her expertise has been featured in the media, including CJAD radio and the Montreal Gazette. Her first ADHD book, “Untapped Brilliance: How to Reach your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD”, has been endorsed by Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Gabor Mate.

She has helped hundreds of adults with ADHD all around the world, and lives in her all-time favourite city, Montreal, Canada, with the fluffiest cat, Kitty.

Find out more about Jacqui and her work at Untapped Brilliance.

Wishing you loads of productivity and success,

Marcia and Jacqui

Working with ADHD
San Diego, CA

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